In all weathers…

It’s been quite a week! After a cultural Monday night at the opera (Birtwistle’s Minotaur), I tackled this week’s training regime with real enthusiasm, buoyed up with the very kind donations I’ve received for my charity marathon run.

So, my training this week started with a Tuesday lunchtime run in Green Park (5 miles). Wednesday evening’s spin class was very hot but the hilly spin moments seem to be strengthening me. Thursday’s midday run (5 miles) was gloriously sunny and I returned to my desk on a real high. Today’s (Saturday) 11 mile run in snow-covered Hyde Park and Green Park was great fun and extremely invigorating – I felt so lucky to be happy and healthy! My run took in some wonderful snowmen and even the odd snow cat!

My search for inspiration this week lead me to this book, which I’m enjoying and (ever so) slightly obsessed with Robert Glover’s Competitive Runners Handbook.

Next week I return to yoga classes. It’s been a few weeks since my last class and I’ve been missing it. I’m finding the classes give me a great boost and, in addition to the obvious health and fitness benefits, they help keep me motivated and focused. But for now, a relaxing weekend with good friends awaits.

I’m running the London Marathon on 21 April for Mencap which is a very good cause and a charity that has a special personal meaning for me, as I explain on my sponsorship page. If you would like to sponsor me, however small the amount, I’d be enormously grateful. It will help Mencap’s work and help spur me on through the cold, dark weeks of training to come, which is pretty daunting!

Thank you to those who have already sponsored me – I really appreciate it.


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