Everything but the gel

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I am running the London Marathon on 21 April. It will be my first ever marathon and I’ll be running for Mencap. My blog attempts to chronicle my training for the big day, with some thoughts thrown in for a bit of light relief.

Some thoughts from the road

‘Most of the serious thinking I have done over the past twenty years has been done while running.’ Mark Rowlands.

I’ve not been running for long but from my experience of the sense of freedom I get from it, I completely understand how Mark has benefited from his running. It’s a time to un-jumble thoughts and create a space for clarity of thought. It’s true that towards the end of a long run, my immediate thoughts turn to getting enough air in my lungs and energy into my legs to finish, but before I reach that point the head has cleared. This has served me very well this week.

Rest, my friends

It’s nearly time to lay to rest my first ever pair of running shoes. After nearly two years use, there is still some use left in them but they are now only destined to accompany me to the gym and spin classes. I have a special sentimental attachment to my shoes (I call them shoes now, not trainers!) as they were a Valentine’s present from Juliet, who got me into running (for which I will be forever grateful). The shoes comforted and supported me throughout my first few (very) tentative miles, my Serpentine Handicap runs and my first 10 mile race – the 2011 Cabbage Patch 10. I have a newish pair of shoes (the same model – Asics GT-2160) to turn to now but I’m worried that particular model is being replaced by a newer but not necessarily better entrant. I’d welcome views on the newcomer – Asics GT-2170.

That was the week that was

Less miles this week – phew! Six miles on Tuesday lunchtime, spin class on Wednesday night (it felt particularly tough this week!) and another 6 miles on Thursday lunchtime. Friday was a rest day (delicious lunchtime omelette and chips in the work canteen). Saturday was my first Serpentine Handicap since last September – 4.3 miles at pace around the Serpentine in Hyde Park in beautiful sunshine. Incredibly, I won the race and achieved a personal best! It was my sister-in-law’s (Clare) first ever handicap race – she did really well! Juliet ran her quickest for months – well done flower! The race was followed by a restorative muffin and coffee with Serpies.

Next week I move to 3 runs during the working week and my long run at the weekend stretches to 13 miles. Now’s the time to get more serious about carrying a water bottle and gulping down energy gels on the move (yuck!)


I’m running the 2013 London Marathon for Mencap. Please have a look at my sponsorship page

Celebrating a win with my sister-in-law Clare.

Celebrating a win with Clare.


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