Hello to Spring


That was the start to my week’s training on Monday. After last Saturday’s unintentionally extended run of 14.3 miles (I had planned to run 13 miles but my Garmin froze at 3 miles and my estimate of how much I’d run was way out!), the thought of my first ever interval training session filled me with dread. I’ve been told about the benefits of fartleking from those who have been running for years and having read Owen Bader’s excellent book – Running for Fitness, it was about time I gave it a go. It went something like: 1 mile (steady) – 2 miles (comprising alternating 2 minute sprints, 1 minute jog) – 1 mile (steady). It was far tougher than I imagined and my new bright orange Asics took a real pounding. It’s definitely the way to go, I’ll be doing more of that.

Wednesday involved a slow 5 miles, followed by spin later that day. Friday was a steady 4 miles in the sun.

Saturday was 14.3 miles around the wonderful Hyde Park, Green Park and St James’s Park in central London. There was a definite, exciting, spring-like feeling in the air. Tree blossom emerging and uplifting bird song. Recovery was aided by tea, cake, tea, more cake, tea.

Next week, I’m heading back to yoga on Tuesday.

Have a good week everybody!


I’m running the 2013 London Marathon for Mencap. Please have a look at my sponsorship page!


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