Thank you for visiting my running blog.

After my longest run to date last weekend, Monday started off with a gentle 4 mile recovery run in the sun. With some trepidation and minor twinges, I headed to my yoga (Ashtanga) class on Tuesday. It was a great class and, although it’s always a lot tougher than it looks, it was the perfect way to stretch troublesome areas and rest the mind. I really am surprised why more runners don’t practice yoga – I find it really helpful and good fun.

Wednesday was a very busy day at work and my usual lunchtime run didn’t happen. Instead, that evening I headed to the dreaded treadmill in the gym for 5.6 miles of plod, plod, plod. Chilly Thursday saw me running in Green Park at lunchtime. I was planning to run Fartlek but my legs felt tired so I ran steady pace for 3 miles and then a faster mile to finish. Friday was a much-welcomed rest day.

Today’s (Saturday) snowy 16 miles in the parks was a new longest run for me. My mental toughness and focus is strengthening and it feels so good! According to Wikipedia, a 2009 poll of 4,000 British adults voted jelly babies their 6th favourite sweet. A few of them helped me on my way and, right now, I agree with those 4,000 Brits.

Next weekend I’ll be running the Bath Half. Juliet’s running too and we’ll be supported by Juliet’s sister, Clare. We have a great weekend in Bristol planned and I can’t wait. It will be only my second ever half marathon and my fingers are crossed the weather will be a lot better than it was during my previous half in Marlow – check it out.

Things are looking good for the talk I’ve arranged by Mark Rowlands (author of The Philosopher and the Wolf and the forthcoming Running with the Pack) in central London on 4 March – hopefully meeting Mark and hearing him talk will inspire me and others who love to run.

Have a great week!


I’m running the 2013 London Marathon for Mencap. I’m tantalisngly close to achieving my fundraising target. I would be enormously grateful for any support you could give me. Please have a look at my sponsorship page!


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